Chiropractor in Athens, GAAt Family Chiropractic of Athens, we believe that chiropractic care shouldn’t be something you seek just to relieve your back, neck, or leg pain. In fact, receiving regular spinal care offers many other benefits as well.

So, why should you make it a priority to see Dr. Hitchcock? Here are four compelling reasons:

You Want to Get Off Medication

If you find that you have a difficult time making it through the day without taking some sort of pain medication, then chiropractic care can help. While certain pain relievers can definitely ease your discomfort, they are only masking the symptoms.

A visit to your Athens chiropractor, on the other hand, can resolve the problem at its source, thereby allowing you to quit taking a prescription that likely makes you drowsy or gives you headache from medication overuse.

You Don’t Want Surgery

Research has found that most spine-related issues can be effectively treated via regular chiropractic care, making costly and pain-inducing back surgery completely unnecessary.

In fact, one study published in the journal Spine reported that only 1.5% of people who first saw a chiropractor for their back injury ended up having surgery, compared to 42.7% who saw a surgeon first.

You Want One-on-One Help Getting and Staying Healthy

Dr. Hitchcock makes it a point to provide you with personalized care, which means that he sits with you one-on-one to answer your questions and give you health-related advice — something that a lot of people feel is lacking with their M.D.

You Just Want to Feel Better

When your spine is misaligned or you have issues with your discs or vertebrae, such as if they are bulging or herniated, you aren’t going to feel your best. However, if you take care of these  issues with regular chiropractic care, you’ll notice that you will not only start to see improvements in your back, but in your overall health. 

Call Family Chiropractic of Athens and schedule your appointment with Dr. Hitchcock today. It’s time to take back your life!


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