Expedite Your Recovery from Auto Injuries with Chiropractic in Athens, GA​Auto accidents can happen in an instant, but the effects can last a lifetime. In addition to the scars that are sometimes left on the outside (due to flying glass, debris, and serious bodily injury), your body may suffer from internal damage. That is when a visit or two to your Athens chiropractor can help with your auto accident recovery.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Some of the most common injuries sustained in auto accidents affect your spine. Discs can become ruptured or herniated and vertebrae can become misaligned, causing you a great amount of back, neck, and leg pain, both now and well into the future.

However, sometimes it is the injuries that you don’t feel that can cause the most damage years down the road. When your spinal column isn’t aligned just right, it is possible that you won’t even notice it until it is more difficult to correct or when your muscles, posture, and gait have already grown accustomed to compensating for the imbalance. Unfortunately these imbalances can make you more susceptible to future injuries or additional pain symptoms. That is why it is so important to come in for an exam regardless of whether you feel okay or not.

Chiropractic Care Equals Auto Accident Relief

Fortunately, most of your auto accident aches and pains can be quickly relieved and sometimes entirely eliminated with just a few visits to our busy Athens chiropractic office. More severe injuries may take longer to treat, but rest assured that you will be in expert hands when you see Dr. Hitchcock at Family Chiropractic of Athens.

Even if your auto accident was long ago, we may still be able to help ease your current back, neck, or leg pain or prevent future problems, so be sure to come in and see us. A consultation and possibly some further testing will quickly tell us what your options are when it comes to living a pain-free life after being in a car crash.

Dr. Hitchcock will even share some things that you can do at home to speed up your healing, getting you back into mint condition. (If only it was that easy for your car!)

Call Family Chiropractic of Athens today to see how we can assist you with your auto accident recovery!