Nerve Injury from auto accidents in Athens, GAIf you’re an auto accident investigator, you would want to know every little detail about accidents – who sat where and the level of their injuries, what caused the injuries and whether or not they hit the windshield, who was hospitalized and who wasn’t… the list goes on.

One of the most difficult injuries to heal is a nerve injury – whether it’s from an auto accident or not. One doctor at a neurosurgery medical center in New Hampshire analyzed records of 384,539 adults listed in the National Trauma Data Base between 2009 and 2011 who had been in an auto accident to look for patterns.

Of all these patients, 3086 had experienced a nerve injury. That’s less than 1% of all patients – but that’s still over 3000 people suffering a very serious injury in just two-year period.

The doctor was looking for reasons why people were most likely to suffer nerve injuries. Were they wearing seatbelts? Was the seatbelt contributing to the auto accident injuryAccording to the statistics, seatbelts protected people from nerve injuries in an auto accident.

Was it the location of where the person was sitting at the time of the auto accident that determined the type of injuries? No, there was no correlation between the injured person driving versus not driving when it came to the nerve injuries.

Then what was it? The answer may surprise you. It was alcohol consumption. If the person in the car had been drinking, they had a greater chance of developing injuries to the nerves of the arms and legs (the peripheral nerves of the body).

Think twice before you get into the car after drinking, even if you aren’t the driver. And remember, whom do you go to when you’ve been in an auto accident? Chiropractors are top experts in musculoskeletal disorders. The methods Dr. Hitchcock uses will help stimulate healing, even of the peripheral nerves. So call our clinic in Athens, GA to start feeling better after a car accident today


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