At Family Chiropractic of Athens, we get this question a lot: Why should I see a chiropractor? In other words, what does a chiropractor offer (that a medical doctor either can’t or usually doesn’t) that can improve the quality of my life?

Here’s the answer:

All-Natural Care

When you go to a medical doctor with some sort of illness or injury, what happens? Generally, you leave with a prescription (or two or three), right? While some medications are certainly necessary and can do wonderful things, sometimes they can create more negative side effects than the issue itself. Not to mention that a large number of them deal with the symptoms only and not the cause of the problem, which means short-term results.

At our Athens chiropractic office, we are committed to providing you with all-natural care. No drugs. No nasty side effects. Just you and  chiropractor Dr. Hitchcock together, figuring out what is causing you issues, then fixing it with simple moves and techniques created to solve the problem quickly, effectively, and naturally.

Non-Invasive Treatments

There is a common misconception that back pain ultimately results in back surgery, but this simply isn’t true. A lot of back-related pain can be managed and even eliminated with regular visits to your Athens chiropractor. This is also true for pain in the legs and neck.

Sometimes surgery simply cannot be avoided, but it should always be a treatment of last resort. Dr. Hitchcock may be able to help you right in his office, allowing you to avoid the cost, time off work, and painful recovery that most surgeries provide.

Whole Body Health

One of the things that sets our Athens chiropractic office apart is that we focus on whole body health. This means that we don’t just look at whatever problem you are having and try to solve it. We look at how your lifestyle, actions, and behaviors may be contributing to the issue and provide you with some alternatives that will provide you with long-term relief.

Additionally, other issues not typically associated with a misaligned spine (which compromises your central nervous system) can be addressed as well. For instance, you may notice that your digestive system functions better or that you have fewer headaches.

Call Family Chiropractic of Athens today and find out what we can do for you!

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