No matter how good a driver you are, a car accident can happen when other drivers aren’t so cautious or are distracted, leaving you with an auto injury despite the fact that you always obey the rules of the road. And of course, sometimes even if you may make an error despite your best efforts. So, how can you prevent or greatly reduce your likelihood of suffering from an auto injury that can leave you in pain and in our Athens chiropractic office looking for relief?

Wear Your Seat Belt

Most states have enacted a law regarding seat belt use, and statistics show that this has a huge impact on auto injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seat belt usage has lowered the rate of car accident-related injury and even death by as much as 50%.

Stay in Good Physical Shape

The stronger your bones and muscles are, the more force they are able to sustain if you do find yourself involved in an auto injury accident. Additionally, any injury that you have to contend with heals more quickly because you started out from a better vantage point physically.

Engage in Regular Chiropractic Care

Since nearly everyone gets in at least one auto accident in their lifetime, it's important to be prepared for what to do when it happens. Seeing a chiropractor regularly can increase your resilience to injuries related to the car crash, sports accidents or other trauma. Not only does chiropractic improve the skeletal structure of your body, but it can also ease any issues associated with being involved in a car crash – even if those issues aren’t causing you any pain.

Whether you’re currently suffering from an auto injury or just want to lessen the chance that you will, call Dr. Hitchcock of Family Chiropractic of Athens. We’d love to keep you auto injury-free!

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