Car accidents can create any number of auto injuries, but do you know what one of the worst ones is? It is the one that is left untreated. That’s right, an auto injury that isn’t corrected or remedied shortly after it occurs can create problems for you years down the road—sometimes for life!

Your Body Is Like Your Car

Think of your body like you do your car. When your car is banged up and dented in, whether due to a minor fender bender or a major crash, if it isn’t fixed immediately it can mean more money and repairs down the road.

If your paint is scratched off in areas, for instance, rust can settle in and erode the body, making fixing it even more costly and time consuming. And if your frame is bent and you continue to drive it anyway, you risk causing more damage to other parts of your vehicle, meaning more repairs to areas not directly injured in the crash.

Your body is the same way. The more you let go without fixing it immediately when it occurs, the harder it will be to undo the damage later, if you can even undo it all since it was left untreated for so long.

How to Avoid This Type of Auto Injury

The good news is that you can avoid this type of auto injury by simply making an appointment with your Athens chiropractor right after your car accident. That way you can undergo a thorough evaluation to determine whether an auto injury exists and, if one does, how to fix it.

Call Dr. Hitchcock’s office today, before while your body is still salvageable!

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