There is nothing worse than going to a doctor and having them talk in terms that you don’t understand. Conditions become scarier than they need to be and you’re often left with more questions than answers. So, if Dr. Hitchcock, your Athens chiropractor, tells you that you have a subluxation, this is what it means.

Subluxations Defined

In the chiropractic profession, subluxation  refers to an out of place or malfunctioning vertebrae. This can impinge a nerve causing pain and other symptoms in the area of the affected vertebrae or throughout your body.

For example, there are some nerves in the cervical spine (or neck) that affect the ears. Damage to these nerves may limit your hearing, cause you dizziness, or not allow the tubes in your ears to drain properly, resulting in numerous ear infections.

Subluxation Treatment: Chiropractic in Athens

Treating subluxations requires that the vertebrae be put back into place and its function restored. This can often be accomplished with regular manual spinal adjustments. Like any treatment, the dosage depends on your persona history, the type and severity of the injury, and your current lifestyle.

Dr. Hitchcock’s talks to you in terms you understand so that you know exactly what is going on with your body and exactly what treatment he recommends. Call Family Chiropractic of Athens in Athens, GA today and we will talk to you using your language!

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