If you’re suffering with neck pain, a visit to Dr. Hitchcock, your Athens chiropractor, is in order. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until your appointment to start to ease the pain. Here are some things you can do prior to your visit that may provide you a little (or a lot) of neck pain relief:

Try an Ice Pack

Neck pain that is a direct result from an injury, such as being involved in a car accident or slipping and falling can sometimes be eased by putting ice on it. This reduces the swelling and helps the area heal more quickly. Just be sure to put a towel or piece of clothing between the pack and your neck so you don’t cause frostbite.

Use a Hot Heat Compress

When dealing with neck pain that is chronic in nature, heat can oftentimes help in between visits to your Athens chiropractor as it eases the muscles and tissues in that area. If you don’t have a hot compress, you can make one easily by putting rice in a sock and tying off the end. Put it in the microwave for approximately 20 to 25 seconds and you have an instant heat pack.

Watch Your Posture

Having poor posture can contribute to your neck pain. Keep your spine in line by sitting and standing with your back straight, shoulders back and down, and head up and you may notice a little relief.

Do these things, as well as make an appointment with Dr. Hitchcock, your Athens chiropractor, and your neck pain will soon be on its way out!

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