Have you been involved in an auto accident? Do you feel pain and stiffness in a specific area of your body? Unfortunately, car accidents are a common cause of spinal pain. Athens chiropractor, Dr. Hitchcock, has helped many patients recover from auto injuries. Here are the most common auto injuries he sees:
When your head is thrust forward as your body lags behind, the shearing force may stretch, strain, or tear soft tissues in your neck. This is often seen in rear-end car accidents, but it can also occur in side-hitting accidents.
Whiplash produces pain that may last from a few weeks to several months. In fact, nearly half of whiplash patients report chronic symptoms after their auto injury. Early treatment can prevent those symptoms from developing.
While you may attribute your post-crash headache to stress, it may be a of a cervical spine injury. This type of headache is called a cervicogenic headache. A trip to a chiropractor will likely resolve the issue since studies show chiropractic is effective for cervicogenic headache.
Back Pain
Back pain in another common auto injury, whether it's the primary concern or secondary to a cervical spine injury. The force of the crash can strain muscles in the back or even rupture a spinal disc.
Auto Injury Care in Athens, GA
Failure to treat these auto injuries can result in pain and frustration long after your physical scars have healed. So, make it a point to see Dr. Hitchcock at Family Chiropractic of Athens as soon as possible after your car accident. He can correct your auto injuries before they get harder (or impossible) to fix.
Some auto injuries can’t be avoided, but most can be treated. Let Dr. Hitchcock treat yours today!
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