You can’t look around you today without seeing at least one person looking down at their smartphone, completely focused on texting, emailing, or surfing the web. While it is great that they want to keep in touch with the rest of the world, it now appears that too much time spent in this position can make a visit to your Athens chiropractor a necessity in your near future.

It Is Called “Text Neck”

According to an article published on the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s website, too much time with your neck flexed forward as you’re looking down at the gadget can cause “text neck”. While smartphones appear to be the most used electronic device resulting in this painful neck-related condition, tablets and other handheld devices are equally to blame.

Dr. Chris Cornett, orthopedic surgeon at UNMC, points to the fact that the constant downward position of your head and neck has a negative impact on the muscles in this area, causing them to fatigue or spasm. It can also lead to painful headaches that can greatly affect your quality of life. Athens chiropractor Dr. Hitchcock has noticed the effects of smartphones in his own practice!

Some Smartphone Advice

So, how do you avoid text neck as you keep in contact with family and friends? Here are some tips from Dr. Hitchcock:

  • Hold your device up to eye level so you’re not looking down at it.
  • Use your device in intermittent intervals so you’re not in the same position for a long length of time.
  • Get and stay in shape so your neck can support more time spent in this position.
  • Visit a chiropractor regulary to get your spine checked to prevent worse conditions from developing.

If you have noticed pain in your neck or frequent headaches, make an appointment with Dr. Hitchcock of Family Chiropractic of Athens today. It shouldn’t hurt to stay in touch!


Evan, J. Texting becoming a pain in the neck. University of Nebraska Medical Center website. Published February 23, 2013. Accessed June 18, 2014.

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