Neck Pain in Athens, GAWhen you’re dealing with chronic and consistent neck pain, participating in most any activity can cause pain and agony, and trying to get comfortable enough to sleep can feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, chiropractic care can reduce, if not eliminate, your neck pain so you can enjoy life again.

Chiropractic Care and Neck Pain Relief

Oftentimes, neck pain is caused by issues in the discs or vertebrae in the cervical part of your spine. This discs may be herniated, misaligned or even fractured due to impact or the shearing forces of a rear-end auto collision.

With a thorough evaluation, Dr. Hitchcock will determine the source of your pain, which is the first step of the healing process. From there, he will make recommendations on a particular course of treatment, telling you which one is best suited for your specific situation, needs, and desired outcome; ultimately though, you will make that decision together.

At-Home Neck Pain Remedies

Since Dr. Hitchcock is dedicated to your health both inside the office and out, he will provide you with a number of ways you can do at home to ease your neck pain. For instance, some light stretching and exercise can loosen up the affected area, and ice and heat can help as well.

Of course, you’ll want to cut back on or cut out the activity that is causing your neck pain, if possible. If it is not, such as when it involves work, Dr. Hitchcock can also recommend various options that may lessen your pain and make life more enjoyable. For example, if your neck pain is a direct result of sitting in front of the computer all day, you can buy an ergonomic chair that will improve your posture, which will decrease your neck pain.

Let Dr. Hitchcock into your life and let your neck pain out. Call Family Chiropractic of Athens today!