Neck Pain in Athens, GANeck pain can be detrimental to your entire quality of life. Just sitting can take its toll on you, let alone when you try to be active and engage in life’s pleasurable activities such as playing with your children.

However, neck pain doesn’t necessarily have to result in doing mind-altering drugs or having painful and costly surgery. Here are four all-natural ways to deal with it, straight from your Athens chiropractor:

  1. Take a Stroll. It’s possible that exercise is the last thing you want to do when you are struggling with neck pain, but getting active can actually help make you feel better. Walking is low intensity so you aren’t going to risk making your neck pain worse; plus, getting your heart rate going will cause your body to release endorphins which are your own internal pain relievers.
  2. Use Rice packs or Ice. Sometimes heat helps alleviate your neck pain, so using a microwaved rice pack can give you some much needed relief. You can also use a cold pack as that will help reduce inflammation and swelling too.
  3. Stretch. If the cause of your neck pain is tight muscles, regular stretching can help. Tilt your head forward, backward, and to each side and hold each stretch for 8-12 seconds and you should notice greater flexibility, and less pain.
  4. Regular Chiropractic. Neck pain can result if your cervical vertebrae or discs are somehow damaged or out of place, which can usually be corrected easily by a visit with your Athens chiropractor. The best way to deal with the issue is to find the cause, which is exactly what Dr. Hitchcock will do for you.

Set aside the drugs and surgery when it comes to your neck pain and try these all-natural options instead. Give Family Chiropractic of Athens a call today!